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Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine (PAFAM)

PAFAM is an association for the Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine which was started in 2003 to enable the support and promotion of this form of Medicine, associated Therapies and Healthcare. 

It was formed by the users of these medicines and therapies together with medical professionals, including doctors and therapists, who work with an Anthroposophic approach to healthcare, healing and diagnosis.

PAFAM’s main aim is to promote and enable the furtherance of Anthroposophic Medicine within the UK and to support the individual’s right to choose their own medical treatment whilst becoming more aware of their personal responsibility towards their individual healthcare process.

PAFAM membership benefits include:

  • Helping you to find anthroposophic doctors, nurses, associated therapists such as for Rhythmical Massage, Eurythmy, Music, Speech and Painting, as well as providing more general access to information about anthroposophic medicine itself
  • Bi-annual newsletter
  • Representation of supporters of anthroposophic medicines and therapies
  • Communication with health professionals, therapists and Weleda UK

Visit the PAFAM website for more information and contact information

ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE UK is an online platform for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care Professionals in the UK. It is a project of the Anthroposophic Medical Association and is supported by the Anthroposophic Medical Association, the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts, the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association & UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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