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❤️  holistic & integrative & salutogenic approach to health

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Events including Training & Courses of Anthroposophic Health and Social Care

Upcoming events are listed here. The main courses and training for professionals in the UK can be found in Training. List of regular open-to-all workshops, courses and public events can be found in Public Events. Please get in touch with the contact person or organisation listed in each event if more info or help is needed. Anthroposophic Medicine UK may assist in enrolling individuals to some events but does not organise nor is responsible for events, thank you.

There are also venues that regularly host AnthroHealth related events such as Emerson College, Field Centre of Ruskin Mill Trust , Rudolf Steiner House, St Luke’sTobias Arts and Weleda, etc. To find out wider events and resources in the UK, please visit  Anthroposophy in the Great Britain and Biodynamic UK Association.

To connect globally, please visit International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Association and IVAA's partners

If you run a training course which is not yet represented here, please contact us or submit event listing form to provide information to add to the website, thank you.


Year: 2024

1January, 2024FebruaryMarch
Jun 18 Taster Sessions on Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training
Jun 19 Biographical Counselling Skills 2023
Jun 22 Advanced Anthroposophical Medical Training Week
Jun 24 Calendar of the Soul
Jun 24 Taster Sessions on Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training
Jun 25 Every Child a New Riddle
Jun 29 Invitation to a World-conversation for our Medical Movement: What has been our soul experience in the last years?
Jun 30 Clinical Case Course
Jun 30 Fund Raising Concert for Patient Therapy Fund
Jul 05 Intercultural Eurythmy Festival
Jul 05 Taster Sessions on Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training
Jul 08 Calendar of the Soul
Jul 12 Speaking of Speech
Jul 15 Tobias Summer Course 2024
Jul 20 Tobias Summer Course 2024
Jul 20 Biodynamics, Spagyrics and Alchemy Weekend Workshop
Jul 20 What ground needs to be prepared and what seeds grown in order to meet and benefit the medical world in 10 years' time?
Jul 21 Tobias Summer Course 2024
Jul 21 Lifeway 2024
Jul 22 Taster Sessions of Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course
Jul 27 Tobias Summer Course 2024
Jul 29 International Bothmer 2024 Summer Intensive
Aug 11 Taster Sessions of Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course
Aug 16 Eurythmy Retreat
Aug 18 Clinical Case Course
Aug 24 Rhythmical Massage Therapy Module 1B
Sep 02 Taster Sessions of Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course
Sep 07 Becoming a True Human Being by Spanning the Threshold
Sep 10 Therapeutic Intuition – Perception and Reality in Diagnosis and Therapy
Sep 15 Rudolf Steiner Open House
Sep 22 Clinical Case Course
Sep 25 Postgraduate Course in Psychotherapy, Psychopathology & Psychosomatics
Sep 25 Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Training
Sep 25 Biographical Counselling Skills 2024
Sep 30 Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training
Oct 02 The Weleda Accredited Holistic Esthetician Facial Course
Oct 04 Eurythmy in Motion
Oct 05 English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine 2023
Oct 05 A pathway inward through the senses for calming and self-soothing in a busy world
Oct 14 Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course
Oct 20 Clinical Case Course
Oct 26 International Further Training for School and Kindergarten Doctors
Nov 06 Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training
Nov 24 Clinical Case Course

ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE UK is an online platform for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care Professionals in the UK. It is a project of the Anthroposophic Medical Association and is supported by the Anthroposophic Medical Association, the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts, the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Associationthe UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling & Psychotherapy & Eurythmy Therapy Association.

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