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❤️  holistic & integrative & salutogenic approach to health

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'Bothmer movement therapy is a way of perceiving, treating and preventing health problems. We are offering consciously modelled movement possibilities, designed to integrate and balance the dynamic postural planes of space of the body. They establish vital physiological equilibrium of form and function, gravity and levity, point to periphery and visa versa. Through the application of conscious harmonious movement sequences a therapeutic process is harnessed that enables a range of movement abilities and disabilities to be treated.' from Bothmer Movement International.

'Just as in therapy the pathological can only be recognized in the deviation from the healthy, i.e. the knowledge of the healthy precedes the knowledge of the pathology, so here too the healthy development of movement can be a guide for a development that deviates from it. With Bothmer gymnastics we have exemplary exercises available with which we can experience movement that enable us to achieve diagnosis and therapy in therapy. The structure of the members of the human being shows itself in the movement picture of the child and the adult. Complete Bothmer exercises or parts of an exercise are used in therapy. Techniques from physiotherapy are also used with a transformed understanding of movement, with a much more targeted and beneficial effect. New exercises and techniques can be created for the therapy process on the basis of this understanding of movement, which is gained through Bothmer gymnastics.' from International Association for Anthroposophic Body Therapies.

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