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Biographical Counselling Training

Biographical Counselling is a holistic, integrative counselling approach which takes into account psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. This way of working aims to strengthen a person’s experience of their core sense of self, and addresses both healing and self development. It encourages people to take up their own agency and find creative freedom in their ideals, tasks and responsibilities. Biographical Counselling takes a phenomenological approach to experiences, and encourages dialogue with our own biography and those of others. Crises and challenging life events can become opportunities to develop new capacities and to discover that we are connected and deeply interdependent. 

For Professional Biography Trainings, please contact International Trainers Forum (ITF).

Currently, there is no immediate plan on running Biographical Counselling training in the UK but an one-year course run by Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors introducing elements of the biographical counselling to individuals interested, see Biographical Counselling Skills for Professionals.


This list also includes other events organised by the Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors.

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