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Managing your profile and subscriptions

There are numerous self-service options for members and contacts. Most of these options are available from their member or contact profile.

On this page:
Accessing the profile
Updating the profile
Email subscriptions
Invoices and payments
Privacy settings
My members directory profile

Public directory listing

Accessing the profile

Members and contacts can access their profile by logging in to their Wild Apricot site.

Once logged in, a View profile link will appear, or – depending on your website theme – the contact's name may appear as the link. Clicking this link will take them to their profile page.

Updating the profile

After clicking the View profile link, the user will see their key profile information.

The following example shows the profile of a member:

To update their profile, they can click the Edit profile button.

To save the changes, they can click the Save button.

Email subscriptions

Not everyone may want to receive all possible emails from your organization. You can opt out of receiving some types of emails, while continuing to receive others. For example, a contact can choose not to receive event announcements and still receive all other emails. Contacts can also opt out of receiving any kinds of emails. They will still receive confirmation emails in response to specific actions on their part, such as membership renewal notices or event registration confirmations, but they will not receive event announcements and other email blasts (these email settings do not affect confirmation emails such as membership renewal reminders and invoices/receipts. Only administrators can disable those emails.)

Interest Group Subscriptions

These are managed within the profile (see above) and determine what type of information and events information is sent to you. It is therefore important that this is kept up to date if you wish to receive relevant communications. 

Updating email settings

To update email settings, a member follow these steps:

  1. Logs into your Wild Apricot site.
  2. Clicks their name to jump to their member profile 
  3. Clicks the Email subscriptions link.
  4. Clicks the Edit profile button.
  5. The contact can now indicate whether they consent to receive emails from your organization. If the contact agrees to receive emails from your organization, they can now choose the type of message they want to receive. They can separately choose whether to receive event announcements and manual email blasts.
    If the contact indicates that they do not wish to receive emails from your organization, they will still receive confirmation emails in response to specific actions on their part, such as membership renewal notices or event registration confirmations, but they will not receive event announcements and other email blasts.
  6. The contact can also enable or disable forum update emails, and change the frequency of the emails by selecting an option from the drop-down list. Forum subscription options only appear if the contact has subscribed to forum update emails from a forum page.
  7. After you have made your choices, click Save.

By default, every new contact will have event notifications and email blasts turned on.

Subscribed means you receive those emails, and removing the check mark will unsubscribe you.

Using the Unsubscribe link in emails

Certain emails sent from your site will always include an Unsubscribe link in the email.

An unsubscribe link will be automatically added to the following emails if they do not already include the {Unsubscribe_Url} macro:

  • Manual email blasts (see Sending email blasts)
  • Event announcements and reminders (see Event emails)
  • Forum subscriptions (see Setting up and using discussion forums)

When opening these emails, the recipient should see the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email:

Clicking the unsubscribe link will redirect the user to a page on your site where they can unsubscribe:

The Unsubscribe link will only unsubscribe you from one specific set of emails, not from all types of emails. For example, if you unsubscribe from a manual email (like a newsletter) then you will stop receiving all manual emails, but you will continue to receive event announcements.To unsubscribe from both types of emails you need to unsubscribe from each email type separately, or login and edit your email subscriptions as shown above.

Invoices and payments

Following the Invoices and payments link allows members to view their history of invoices and payments, and pay open invoices. For more information, see Paying invoices.

Privacy settings

The Privacy link allows a member to specify which fields are visible to everyone, other members, or hidden from everyone else.

These settings apply to their listing in the member directory and on their directory profile page.

If a lock icon appears beside a field, the member cannot change the privacy setting for that field.

A member can hide their public profile altogether by unchecking the Allow to show profile option.

Click the Save button to save settings, or Cancel to exit without saving.

My directory profile

Click on My directory profile to preview how your profile is displayed to others based on your privacy settings

Public directory listing

You can make your directory profile appear on the public directory if you are an AMA Full Member. 

In addition to using the privacy settings above to make certain aspects of your profile public (the ones you choose), you also need to set your profile to being publicly visible using the setting on your profile page. Before the Professional Registration details is a question: Public Directory Listing Opt In? Select YES: List my details in the online directory and check if you have been listed.

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