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Bothmer Workshops

In self-development: it is an embodied philosophy and understanding of how the world works, and our place in it as human beings. Through individual practice (a movement meditation, if you will) this philosophy supports self-understanding and self-knowledge through movement exercises which reflect the evolution of human consciousness: The Self in relation to Others and the World. In shared experience, the essence lives in the space between a person and their environment; so, too, in the interplay of group dynamic. During in-person courses and workshops, the realities of relationship are explored through movement, playing games and most importantly through the joy in learning, community creation and the mutual discovery in shared experience. See Programme.

Bridges to Oasis

In Bridges to Oasis, the group celebrates the courage of the human spirit to survive the challenges that difficult life experiences can bring. Hidden sources of creativity and inner healing lie within each human being. Through facilitated support in groups this potential is enlivened and warmed through conversation. A true listening space for participants is encouraged, where each one is recognized, celebrated and valued in their own struggle and achievement. A full Bridges to Oasis Course has Three Pathways of 12 weeks each. Each one may be taken on an individual basis. The Pathways are all accompanied by artistic exercises and healing stories from various traditions. These provide powerful pictures through which we can explore our own journeys. Contact: Bridges to Oasis for further info.

Embracing Dying

Embracing Dying offers One Day Workshops as well as the full three-day training course in soul advocacy. This training courses enable one to work as a professional Soul Advocate who will be fully knowledgeable in supporting a person during their last phase of life.

At the centre of this service, the Advocate ensures that support is available for all individuals regardless of their religious, spiritual or humanistic orientation.

More information about  Embracing Dying

Imagine Therapeutic Arts

Right in the heart of Stroud’s mill heritage, between the canal and the river, Imagine Therapeutic Arts has developed further as a community project within the premises of Fromehall Mill. It offers individual Therapy as well as Studio Practice Sessions, Clay Club, Theme-based Groups, Art of Ageing Groups online / in studio and Art Morning.

See them in action and what are the feedback from the participants?

There are also Art Club for children and young people, and Coffee Morning & Art Session... See full programme in Imagine Therapeutic Arts webiste.

Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course

Rhythmical Einreibung is a very gentle method of therapeutic touch developed for nurses and carers and useful for everyone working in caring or healing professions. It focusses and strengthens the patient’s powers of self-healing through the art of rhythmical touch and is used to warm, calm and harmonise the body to provide comfort and relief. Because of its gentle, calming nature it can be very beneficial for patients who are too frail or sensitive for other hands-on therapies.

This Foundation Course provides a path of development for anyone looking to expand their skills in giving hands-on body treatments. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of Rhythmical Einreibung. More info on Rhythmical Einreibung.

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