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The UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy



The UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy (Mercury-UKAACP) is an association of professional psychotherapists and counsellors in the UK. Its members support each other in the development of counselling and psychotherapy from an Anthroposophic perspective. Mercury-UKAACP has grown out of earlier initiatives and had its foundation conference in 2014. Mercury invited into its membership professionally registered counsellors and psychotherapists working from an Anthroposophic perspective in the UK including graduates of the Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Training.

Mercury is a member of the International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations (IFAPA) and is the Mercury is not a regulatory body but it aims to work closely with the leading organizations upholding recognition of standards, accreditation, regulation of ethical practice and support for research and development for counselling and psychotherapy, including UKCP, BACP and BPC. 
Mercury is a growing community of professional anthroposophic counsellors and psychotherapists who aim to work closely with other psychotherapists and counsellors, health and social care professions in the UK and Ireland, including Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors (PABC). Mercury organizes annual conferences for members and colleagues, offers supervision space and professional development.


Mercury-UKAACP website is under construction. To contact the Carrying Group E: with your questions or to request to read Mercury’s Constitution.

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ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE UK is an online platform for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care Professionals in the UK. It is a project of the Anthroposophic Medical Association and is supported by the Anthroposophic Medical Association, the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts, the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association & UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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