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If you are working or training in a health or social care discipline in the UK, and your role is inspired by Anthroposophic Health and Social Care approaches, then we would encourage you to join us. 

For more information on membership benefits and how to join, please read the options for joining us below.

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Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts

Practitioners and Students

Become a member of the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts (AATA) and as part of your membership benefits you will become a member of this website too.

The AATA aims to create a collegial context in which the practice of therapeutic arts are deepened and enriched through sharing of professional experiences and resources, as well as seeking to raise awareness of the healing potential of the arts, at the levels of body, soul and spirit, and their vital contribution to personal and social change.

AATA membership of this website is managed by the AATA and membership benefits will be similar to those of the AMA but are currently under discussion.

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Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Midwives,  Pharmacists,

Paramedical Professionals

The Anthroposophic Medical Association (AMA) represents medical  professionals in the UK practising and training in Anthroposophic Medicine.

In addition to the benefits above, AMA members:

  • receive discounted rates at conferences and events organised by the AMA

  • have access to a members-only discussion forum to share questions and ideas and discuss clinical questions with colleagues

  • gain access to useful resources for practising in the UK

  • have access to a members directory where you can discover and contact colleagues in the UK

  • can publish their details on a public directory (AMA Full Members only)

We also offer Associate Membership to  nurses, midwives, pharmacists and paramedical professionals who are working with or interested in anthroposophic approaches and encourage all such professionals to join us to build better mutual support and improve collaboration and communication.

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    Professionals Membership

    Anthroposophic Health, Social Care

    and Education Professionals

    Anthroposophic Professional Membership is available to all health and social care professionals (including students). Those who are eligible for AMA or AATA membership may also join but are encouraged to consider applying for AMA or AATA membership.

    Professional Membership is free and includes all of the benefits listed above.

    • receive emails about educational events, news, jobs and publications

    • have access to professionals discussion forums and members-only resources

    • be able to join special interest groups to network with professionals who share similar interests and receive newsletters focused on your interests

    • further membership benefits depend on your professional field and membership type

    • We will endeavour to tailor the emails which we send to your profession and your interests, based on your profile information.

    Professional Membership does not entitle you to being listed in the public directory. This is only available if you are part of an association who joins the website as a group. New associations are welcomed and encouraged to join the website.

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    Other H/S/E Professionals

    and Public

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    If you are not working within anthroposophic health and social care you can still support Anthroposophic Medicine and hear about interesting educational events by joining PAFAM (Patients and Friends of Anthroposophic Medicine). 

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