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❤️  holistic & integrative & salutogenic approach to health

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As an extension of western medicine, Anthroposophic Medicine is a  holistic, integrative, and salutogenic medical approach established over 100 years ago. It takes the view of ‘’a whole human being’’ and gives equal importance to the structure and composition of the physical body, its vitality and rhythms, the soul/emotional life of the patient, and the individuality/spirituality of the person.  We will now explore further on core elements of the anthroposophic medicine: holistic care, integrative treatment and salutogenic health approach.

To learn more on the supports available, see Anthroposophic Medicine | Therapy | Social Care. To learn more on anthroposophic medicine, please find the next introduction eventsFrequently asked questions page can also provide some further information.


focuses on the physical, psychological, spiritual health, one's environment and social context.

Human beings are more than their bodies . Their life processes, such as growth, regeneration and all healing processes, belong to their life organization (etheric body). As beings that move about and have feelings they develop an inner world of soul, which they may express through language and facial expressions (soul or sentient organization , astral body). As self-aware and self-determined individualities, they live as spiritual beings (the “I” ) in the organism, which we may perceive through language, and they shape their individual biographies and destinies.

These four entities constituting the human being become immediately evident when we encounter a patient. The patient reports on her physical symptoms (body), her exhaustion and loss of vitality (life organization), her sensations and psychological complaints, e.g., anxiety and pain (sentient organization) and as an “I” she has questions about the meaning, perspective and significance of the disease for her individual biography......

Continue reading The Fourfold Human Constitution by Matthias Girke and Georg Soldner.

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combines conventional & complementary. It is a complement to conventional medicine.

Anthroposophic clinics cover a broad medical spectrum from acute hospitals with a statutory duty to provide care, to specialist and affiliated clinics, to rehabilitation facilities. This integrative approach is therefore not based on additional specialization, it permeates existing specializations—from emergency medicine, surgical and internal medicine, to psychosomatics and psychiatry. In addition to orthodox medical procedures and medical devices, patients experience specific remedies, a holistic care concept, as well as artistic therapies or eurythmy therapy.

There is also a broad network of general practitioners and anthroposophic specialists in private practice, e.g., in pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology and dentistry. There, too, patients appreciate the fruitful cooperation that they find between doctors and therapists.....

Continue reading Anthroposophic Medicine – Bridge-Building as Integrative Medicine by Johannes Weinzirl, Matthias Girke, and Georg Soldner.

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is when the focus is on how to keep people healthy rather than on why they fall ill. 

...... In this sense, inflammation that occurs as the organism’s reaction to an embedded splinter is understood to be a healthy reaction that is designed to restore the integrity of the organism, despite the pain and impairment of well-being that it causes. Health appears as a middle quality in the field of tension between pathogenetic and salutogenic factors. The current widespread interest in integrative or complementary medicine does not arise from undifferentiated sympathy with everything “natural”. It is based on questions that people have about salutogenic treatment options. Contemporary medicine is experienced as a kind of “intervention medicine”, which influences and standardizes pathophysiologically relevant parameters by means of medication or medical equipment, without providing therapeutic support for the patient’s own salutogenic resources...... 

Continue reading Patient Focus by Matthias Girke.

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