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Anthroposophic Therapy


Anthroposophic psychological therapies are used worldwide in a large range of professions. In fact, any profession that uses dialogue and human psychology belongs to this work field. Their approaches bring a spiritually informed understanding of an individual's challenges and tasks.  If the experiences we have during our life are too big, too traumatic or we do not have the right constitutional conditions to deal with them, help might be found in the following therapies: Psychology, (Therapeutic) Biography work and Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy, Psychosomathy and Psychiatry.

Anthroposophic Psychotherapy is a specialisation which is often taken during or after university-based training in psychotherapy.  

Biographical Counselling is a form of counselling based on an imagination of human potential and challenge in the 21st century that inspires a search for renewed meaning, creativity and connection and links individual development with a path towards social renewal. More can be found on the Biographical Counselling website.

The UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy (UKAACP-Mercuryis an association of professional psychotherapists and counsellors in the UK.  it aims to work closely with the leading organizations upholding recognition of standards, accreditation, regulation of ethical practice and support for research and development for counselling and psychotherapy. Read more about UK Association for Anthroposophic. Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Eurythmy Therapyaccording to the Eurythmy Therapy Association of Great Britain and Ireland,  the gestures and movements of the performing art of eurythmy are modified for therapy purposes.  Eurythmy therapy is one essential element of the system of anthroposophic medicine. This integrates both natural scientific and anthroposophic-humanistic knowledge.  It is the aim of eurythmy therapy to help the patient to activate their own intrinsic powers of healing and enable them to find a way to a state of balanced health.  Eurythmy therapy uses the medium of the sounds of speech and the tones of music as they manifest in movement.

Practitioners of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts work with visual and musical art forms to support self-discovery, healing and wellbeing.  

Finding one’s voice through the expressive life of language. Therapeutic Singing and Speech offers help, not only with voice and fluency disorders but also in a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. 

Artistic activity in Visual Arts helps us to explore and share feelings and thoughts, especially in times of struggle and distress. Therapeutic arts have a beneficial effect on our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being and help us towards greater self-awareness and integration. Through painting, drawing and modelling, the inner world is explored in its connection to the surrounding environment. 

More information is available on the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts website and Therapeutic Art under International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine.


Bothmer Movementdeveloped by Fritz Von  in Stuttgart in 1921, Bothmer Movement has grown into a global phenomenon with training programmes all over the world. Bothmer started with one question: ‘What is true human movement?’ Out of this, he developed a programme of pedagogical movements for children at different stages in their development. He also recognised the importance of holistic wellbeing and good character in the teacher and developed a range of tools to cultivate embodiment, self-awareness and inner balance in the teacher. More information from The School of Human Movement

Rhythmical Massage Therapy uses a gentle rhythmical breathing quality of touch which can penetrate the tissue deeply. The movements are rounded with an element of suction rather than pressure and are designed to influence the flow of fluids through the body. It enables the life processes in the tissues to be stimulated and lifted out of gravity into levity. More about this can be found on the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association website.

Some anthroposophic nurses, therapists or carers may also offer Rhythmical Einreibung to people in their care . It is  a gentle form of touch or massage, it works by supporting the body’s own forces to help strengthen, regulate and heal. For more info, please visit Rhythmical Einreibung.

There are other body therapies inspired by anthroposophic medicine internationally such as Massage Presell, Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy, Spacial Dynamics ®, Color meridian therapy according to Christel Heidemann, Eutonia after Gerda Alexander. Please see International Association for Anthroposophic Body Therapies to learn more.

Art of Healing A film portrait of anthroposophic medicine in seven episodes. Subtitle available in English. 

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