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This search engine, developed by Dr van Lieshout on behalf of the Anthroposophic Medical Association, is designed for Anthroposophic Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists to locate information about medicines and pharmacies selling medicines. It should always be used in conjunction with advice from a qualified practitioner and not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the advertisements which appear at the top of the search, these are determined by Google. If you have any suggestions for additions to the search engine, contact the AMA.

How to use the search engine

Enter your search terms in the box below, then click the search button. Use the tabs to refine your search to one of:

  • Order Anthroposophic Medicine: find an online pharmacy or store selling a remedy, from companies within or shipping to the UK
  • Information about Anthroposophic Medicines: read articles relating to your search term
  • Beipackzettel (German) or Information leaflet (English) for medication: useful for checking the ingredients, formulation and dosing.
    Pages brought up by this search may be on the websites of pharmacies which do not ship to the UK.

ANTHROPOSOPHIC MEDICINE UK is an online platform for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care Professionals in the UK. It is a project of the Anthroposophic Medical Association and is supported by the Anthroposophic Medical Association, the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts, the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Associationthe UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling & Psychotherapy & Eurythmy Therapy Association.

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