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Colour and its manifestation in Eurythmy

  • Friday, January 25, 2019
  • 15:30
  • Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • 14:00
  • Glasshouse College, Wollaston Road, STOURBRIDGE, DY84HE

The Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland & The Eurythmy Therapy Association JOINT ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2019 (With Annual General Meetings)

We are pleased to announce the finalised programme and booking form for the Joint Eurythmy Association / Eurythmy Therapy Association Conference on: “Colour and its manifestation in Eurythmy”. This will be held at the Glasshouse College, Stourbridge from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th January 2019.

There will be two open discussion sessions where we can share research, concerns, inspirations with each other. We will have a shared artistic and social evening on Saturday 26th.  Eurythmy West Midlands have kindly agreed to share some of their current performing work.


Friday 25th:

1530 Registration (Tea) – Box Office

1630 Eurythmy Workshop 1 (75 minutes)

JR Artists/Educators – Theatre KB Therapists – Harleston 1

1800 Supper - Canteen

1930 Lecture: Dr Wilburg Keller Roth - Theatre

“The Root of the arts of Eurythmy in Goethe’s Natural Science

Saturday 26th:

0930 Joint Eurythmy Workshop A (75 minutes) KB & WKR – Harleston 1/2

1045 Coffee - Canteen

1115 Eurythmy Workshop 2 (75 minutes)

JR Artists/Educators – Theatre KB Therapists – Harleston 1

1245 Lunch – Canteen NB Educational eurythmists sit together

1400 ETA AGM – Harleston 1/2

1500 EA AGM – Harleston 1/2

1600 Tea - Canteen

1630 Open Discussion I (75 minutes) To be chaired – Harleston 1/2

1800 Supper – Canteen NB Social / Lay Course eurythmists sit together

1930 Shared Artistic/Social evening - Theatre

Contributions from Eurythmy West Midlands & others

Sunday 27th:

0930 Eurythmy Workshop 3 (60 minutes)

JR Artists/Educators - Theatre KB Therapists – Harleston 1

1040 Coffee - Canteen

1100 Joint Eurythmy Workshop B (60 minutes) KB & WKR Harleston 1/2

1210 Open Discussion II (60 minutes) To be chaired Harleston 1/2

1315 Lunch - Canteen

1400 Close


KB – Katherine Beaven

JR – Jonathan Reid

WKR – Wlburg Keller Roth


Joint Eurythmy Workshops
(KB with additional contributions from WKR)

A) “The Colours in relation to the eurythmy figures for the vowels: The Deeds and Sufferings of the Light” & the indications for the vowels in eurythmy therapy (CW 315 Lecture 2)

B) “How to learn to perceive the Invisible” (CW 315 Lecture 1)

Eurythmy Workshops for Artists/Educators (JR)

1) The “Deeds and Sufferings of the Light” as a key to colour point of origin (‘ansatz’);

2) Indications on colour in the final paragraphs of Lecture 6 of Eurythmy as Visible Speech;

3) A geometrical approach to Steiner’s “image” colours.

Eurythmy Workshops for Therapists (KR with WKR)

1) The vowel exercises: arms and legs (CW 315, Lecture 2);

2) The system of indications for vowels in eurythmy therapy (CW 315, Lecture 2);

Further information and booking

Please see the conference program and booking form (word) or the PDF version.

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