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Weaving and Working with the Seven Meditations of the Young Doctor Courses – Study Weekend with Broder von Laue

  • Saturday, November 23, 2019
  • Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • Blackthorn Medical Centre, Maidstone

We will be studying the Mantras (Meditations) of the Young Doctor Courses on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2019 at the Blackthorn Medical Centre, Maidstone.

Dr Broder von Laue will be with us to weave together these seven meditations:

  1. Warmth Meditation (given to H. v. Grunelius 1923 – contact Saskia for a copy) 
  2. You Healing Spirits (Young Doctor’s Course, 5th Jan 1924) 
  3. Power of Radiance and Might of Heaviness (YDC, 9th Jan 1924) 
  4. Once in olden times (Newsletter, 11th Mar 1924) 
  5. Look what is joining in the cosmos (YDC, 22nd April 1924)
  6. Feel in the fever’s measure (YDC, 24th Apr 1924) 
  7. Shove man’s earliest time (YDC, 25th Apr 1924) 
We invite you to work in some depth over the coming months with one or more of these meditations and familiarise yourself with their context. Your preparation is essential to make this an interactive conference. For questions and support with the meditation process you are welcome to contact Dr Saskia Renkema.

Weekend fee: including meals is £100 and a concessionary rate is available. Please pay a deposit of £30 by the 1st Oct 2019 to book your place, account details on request. Accommodation needs: to be arranged independently.

Booking: please contact Susanne Koszyk as soon as possible because space at Blackthorn is limited.

There will be Eurythmy, so please bring your own shoes if you can. Warm greetings from our preparation group: Angela Klockner, Dr Broder von Laue, Denise Gell, Jeanne Claire Bischoff, Michael Roberts, Peter Hanrath, Rose Schneider, Saskia Renkema, Susanne Koszyk. 

More information available in the program for the weekend.

The meditations are given in this PDF as well as in the lectures some of which are available online.

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