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PASTORAL MEDICINE A Medical Section Residential Workshop

  • Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • 14:00
  • Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • 13:00
  • The Mount Camphill Community, Wadhurst, Sussex TN5 6P

The Pastoral Medicine Course explains how doctors and priests can complement each other in their will to heal. Mutual cooperation rests on understanding the extent of one’s role and the different impetus’ lent by the sacraments, medicines and therapies. All play a different part in addressing illness symptoms that occur when the three and four-fold members slip out of sound working connection. Spirit and soul can estrange themselves from the body or get entrapped within it. Physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment or devastation may result, depending on karmic, inherited and environmental factors.

Lectures 1-4 will be reviewed by previous participants before the group concentrates on Lecture 5. First session of each day will be devoted to hearing and discussing the 5th Recapitulation and 6th Class Lessons in relation to the lectures. We will have special contributions on ways to protect and strengthen children in the face of today’s risks of ‘over-cleverness’, including the sacraments, clinical, educational and parental measures. Eurythmy therapy, art and local walks will transform any participant over-cleverness. There will be plenty of time to discuss and debate issues arising, especially ways of coming to grips with Rudolf Steiner’s notoriously difficult medical lectures. This is usually a pretty sociable conference.

Medical Section members and priests are invited. Any Society member who is not yet a member of the School of Spiritual Science and would like to attend may apply to do so after a clarifying conversation with either Hazel Adams ( or Peter Hanrath.

Conference fee: £90 full fee / £30 concession (unreturnable deposit £30 with application) Accommodation is limited to 9 single rooms at £150 & 8 double rooms at £130 per head. First-come-first-served! Food without accommodation is £60.

Application forms are available from David McGavin.

Closing date 7th October 2019.

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