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CANCELLED Sleep and the Shared Tasks of Spiritual Science in our Time

  • Friday, October 23, 2020
  • 15:00
  • Sunday, October 25, 2020
  • 13:00
  • TBC (South East)

A Medical Section Workshop: Autumn Study on the Mystery of the Trinity

  • We hope we will still be able to welcome Broder von Laue to lead a study of The Mystery of the Trinity given in London on 30th August 1922. This London lecture awakens and teaches us of the usually unconscious events occurring on the journey into sleep. The way one accomplishes this is a bit like steps one would take in mastering a foreign language. First coming to grips with basic grammar and phrases, then practising them again and again in conversations with those who belong to that land. In this particular land, it is revealed how the excarnated ego and astral body experience their distant etheric body being refuelled by the hierarchies each night. As one becomes better in one’s listening and more familiar with the features of the new language and those who live it, one realises it is actually not a foreign place at all. This is where one has always belonged! The lecture gives better understanding of the dead and how to formulate one’s attitude in their favour. One learns how one’s talents, shortcomings and destiny are subjects of interest to planetary beings. And finally, profound ways of ‘bringing the Christ into our consciousness more and more’ during earthly life.
  • We will also share the Class Lesson given in Bern on 17th April 1924 each morning. We are hoping to work with the impulse behind this lecture which Rudolf Steiner sums up as an opportunity to stimulate in our hearts and souls a stronger kind of togetherness that enables us ‘in the future to remain together, however far apart we may be.

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Medical Section members and members of the School of Spiritual Science are invited. Anyone who is not yet a member of the School of Spiritual Science and would like to attend may apply to do so after a clarifying conversation with Peter Hanrath T: 01227 738559. E: 

Currently, the team is seeking an alternative venue to hold the study meeting in the South East. It will not be possible to hold it as a residential workshop this year and accommodation will have to be arranged independently. Please get in touch if you are interested in participating and we will make sure to inform you of the details as soon as we have found a venue.

Information will be available from David McGavin and Susanne Koszyk (

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