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Evaluation as an Aid to Project Development

  • Friday, October 22, 2021
  • webnair

A webinar with Prof Dr Erik Baars , Professor of Anthroposophic Medicine, Leiden, The Netherlands, and Dr David McGavin, General Practitioner with Special Interest in Pain Management, Kairos Rehabilitation Trust, London, UK, will take place on Friday 22nd October 2021. Free and open to all. Please join at either 08.00–09.00 or 19.00–20.00 (British Standard Time).

Evaluation is an essential for healthy project development because:

  • It encourages the setting of standards, standards which enhance one’s own performance, standards that others will respect.
  • It identifies shortcomings in need of correction, as well as gifts and opportunities ready to be taken advantage of.
  • It attracts outside attention and interest from new allies, potential colleagues and funding agencies.
  • Funding agencies need the evidence of evaluation to award contracts and grants. When results are promising, funding is likely to be continued.
  • For one’s own team, a positive evaluation gives grounds for confidence, while also confirming Anthroposophic Medicine’s place in the world.

The webinar is designed mainly for healthcare professionals with limited or no experience of research who are wondering how to get started and looking to make new contacts. There will be brief introductions and time for discussion. If you or someone you know would like to be sent the link, please notify Dr David McGavin and forward any burning questions in advance.

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