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Observing, Cultivating and Imagining: the Transformation of Substance

  • Thursday, October 20, 2022
  • Sunday, October 23, 2022
  • Emerson College RH18 5JX

The theme of the soil’s health as well as its meaning for global resilience and life have never felt so urgent or pertinent. The consciousness of its social, physical, nutritional and planetary influences and the effects of Bio-Dynamic Social Farming and Gardening could well be seen as existential to human and global survival, wellbeing and future development.

Radically new ways are waiting to be discovered to experience and value nature and to revalidate and establish anew our relationships to it, which will be the other theme for this interactive gathering.

A third theme is a renewed bridge building between our daily work and our dawning esoteric understanding. It was at the end of his life that Rudolf Steiner gave his lectures to doctors and farmers at the same time as he gave the Lessons of the School of Spiritual Science, bringing together Earth and Stars, Matter and Transubstantiation to give us the wisdom and enthusiasm that we can make a difference.

Contributors to this conference:

  • Astrid van Zon from Urtica de Vijfsprong in The Netherlands,
  • Hartwig Ehlers from Weide Hardebeck in North Germany,
  • Peter Brown from Tablehurst Farm in Forest Row UK,
  • Dr. Michael Evans from Stroud in the UK,
  • Inessa Burdich from the Institute of applied esoteric research in Germany,
  • Thomas van Elsen from Petrarca, the European Social Farming and Gardening Network based in Germany,
  • Simon Blaxland-de Lange, Founder partner of Pericles in Sussex, gardener, compost maker and Member of the
  • Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain
  • and others still to be confirmed.

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