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Body and I - The Immune System and Autoimmune Disease

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2023
  • Sunday, September 17, 2023
  • Goetheanum


We are pleased to be able to offer ten lectures from the conference in four languages as live streams (English, French, German, Spanish) – these can be purchased via Goetheanum TV on the date of broadcast or afterwards.

  • Formation of the Body – An Instrument of Destiny (12 September, 3pm CET)
  • When the Body Turns Alien (12 September, 8pm CET)
  • How the Body Becomes Familiar (13 September, 8pm CET)
  • It Is the Spirit that Builds the Body (14 September, 3pm CET)
  • Turning to the Future (15 September, 11:15am CET)
  • Development of the Immune System and Autoimmune Diseases (15 September, 3pm CET)
  • Recovering the I through Writing (15 September, 8pm CET)
  • Incarnation Today and the Gender Question (16 September, 9:15am CET)
  • Handover of the Section Leadership (16 September, 3pm CET)
  • Fruit of the Past – Seed for the Future (17 September, 11:15am CET)

The Annual Medical Conference at the Goetheanum

Dear Colleagues,

Eagerly anticipated by many: we are pleased to invite you to Dornach in September 2023, when we will focus our interdisciplinary work in the international annual conference of the Medical Section on the topic of the immune system and autoimmune diseases!

What is the relationship of the I with its body? This is the central question we will address.

The physical body is the place, already predisposed at the beginning of creation, where the immortal core of the human being establishes itself, giving the body its individual imprint. This imprint is expressed in an exceptional way in the development, individualisation and lifelong adaptability of the immune system. Its central function is to distinguish and demarcate the interior of the body from the exterior, its own bodily substance from that which is foreign.

Autoimmune diseases are a good example of what can happen when the body turns alien. Their frequency has been steadily increasing in recent decades with the growing influence of the “western lifestyle”. Numerous lectures and case reports will address the topic, which will be explored in depth in 25 working groups.

This year, too, the conference has three parts. In seven specialist conferences – for medicine and pharmacy, midwifery, eurythmy therapy, body therapy, nursing, psychotherapy and dentistry – the professional groups will work on their own topics.

The focus of the conference on spiritual deepening is the 11th class lesson, which will look at the structure of the body and the temple motif from an esoteric perspective, work on the Foundation Stone meditation and on the Gospels.

The multiprofessional conference will focus on the conference theme with speakers from over 15 countries. The development and pathology of the immune system will be presented with regard to the therapeutic interaction on and with the patient, with an exchange of therapeutic experiences between the professional groups.

A special highlight of the annual conference will be the handing on of the section leadership to the incoming leadership team.

Reading for those who want to prepare!

This year, too, we would like to encourage you to work with appropriate texts in preparation for the conference:

Rudolf Steiner: Das Geheimnis der Wunde, Beiträge zur Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe, No. 108, p. 8.

Rudolf Steiner: “The Human Being within Us”, lecture of 11 February 1923, CW 221.

Rudolf Steiner: Extending Practical Medicine, CW 27, Chap. 14 (“The Therapeutic Way of Thinking”).

The World Group offers an international forum that is preparing the ground for the gathering at the Goetheanum in worldwide online meetings and local working groups – if you are interested please contact:

We look forward to seeing you again in September!

For the Section Leadership and the IKAM Council with warm greetings

Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner, Rolf Heine



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