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Lifeway 2024

  • Sunday, July 21, 2024
  • Saturday, July 27, 2024
  • Emerson College RH18 5JX

Lifeways is an annual community camp, a week long experience of workshops, activities and music, suitable for the whole family. Peoples of all ages explore, create, and dream in a variety of sessions throughout the week (see full programme for details). Children engage in a variety of experiences including clay work, food preparation, painting, and cooperative games with their groups. Residential and non-residential options available.

Shaped by the past, forging the future

The path to today was long, sometimes winding over soft meadows, passing shallow streams and cool woods, other times it led us over rocky terrain, where we pushed on against head winds and were pelted by sleet.

Our life journey started with an impulse, one that drives every step forward and shapes the path. At Lifeways this year our theme will encourage us to take a breath, to review and look forward to the road ahead. Perhaps we only see the future darkly and wonder where it might lead – maybe through brambles, across rivers or up steep hills?

Together we will consider what shaped our past, help one another to hear the whispers that guide the future and take them onboard to forge ahead, carefully listening for directions as they come.

We will explore the theme “Shaped by the past, Forging the future’” through lectures, conversations, craft and musical activities. Adults and children all contribute to creating and renewing the rich tapestry of knowledge and friendship that makes the ‘Lifeways week’ a really special one for us all.

Please click to download the 2024 Programme, which includes full details of the week.

For Adults:

Morning workshop:

Basket weaving, Golden Ratio: Shaping Past, Forging Future, Self-Reliance in Times of Crisis, Acting forging the shape, Transcending Time by way of Spontaneous Storytelling, and, AM – ALWAYS IN THE NOW.

Afternoon Groups:

Exploring Past, Present and Future: Writing Memoirs, Working with the Foundation Stone Meditation, Nature Walks, Painting: ‘Shaped by the Past and Forged by the Future‘, Seeding the Future, and Sing for Joy.

For Children:

Parent and Toddler, PlayCamp for 4-6yrs, DayCamp for 7-8yrs, Children's Camp for 9-14yrs from 8.50am – 12.15pm. In the afternoon, Energetic Outdoor Games for 11-14 yrs, Basketry for young beginners 12-14,  Candle Dipping & Decorating for 8-14 yrs, Wet Felting for 9 – 12 yrs, Clay Digging & Modelling for 6 – 10 yrs, and Woodland Crafts for 6 – 9 yrs.

Children's Camp 9 - 14 yrs. Please make your child aware that at Lifeways they will have a (welcomed) break from mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players,  computer games, laser pens or any other electrical devices.

For Children accompanied with an adult

Music Games and Singing for 4 - 7 yrs

Butterflies, Birds, Bees and Bunnies for 3 - 6 yrs

Stay and Play for 0 - 3 yrs

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