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Dr David McGavin : Can I contribute anything for the future of our ailing health service?

  • Saturday, July 20, 2024
  • 10:00
  • Online

David McGavin: Can I contribute anything for the future of our ailing health service?

It does not take much imagination by those of us working near or in the NHS to have a good guess as to what the NHS will need and allow in the next decade. And whom we will need to train up and what we need to address within and outside our declining movement, to ensure a revival then. Mainstream medicine will need anthroposophical medicine badly by then, but we will have much to change of ourselves if we are to be in evidence and an obvious choice. 

Dr David McGavin is a long-standing GP with an interest in pain management and rehabilitation running an NHS clinic in SE London with three anthroposophic therapists. 

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This is now part of a mini-conference, a collaboration with  Social Sciences Section and the Medical Section: mini-conference. You are welcome to attend the whole day but also feel free to only attend the talk.

“Health care provision in the light of social threefolding”

Saturday 20th July 2024, 09:00 - 13:00 (BST):


09:30 Welcome, verse and introductions – George Perry & Steve Briault

10:00 David McGavin: Can I contribute anything for the future of our ailing health service? A look at the condition of the NHS and what openings it could be offering us: how each of us individually can try to connect and prepare a way for the future, using the night and what it delivers by way of higher intention.

10:45 Questions and conversation on David's talk

11:00 Eurythmy

11:15 Break

11:30 Peter Hanrath: Freedom of choice, fair and equitable access, value for money. The problem of freedom for doctors and patients to have the medicine they want to practice/ be treated with within the context of societal needs, resources and paradigms.

12:00 Questions and conversation on Peter's talk

12:15 Steve Briault: Process improvement as economic service. An example from Lean Healthcare

12:30 Reflections (plenum) – “How does the threefold image of society illuminate these key questions of healthcare provision?

13:00 Verse and close



Medical Section GB Coordination Group


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