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Events including Training & Courses of Anthroposophic Health and Social Care

Upcoming events are listed here. The main courses and training for professionals in the UK can be found in Training. List of regular open-to-all workshops, courses and public events can be found in Public Events. Please get in touch with the contact person or organisation listed in each event if more info or help is needed. Anthroposophic Medicine UK may assist in enrolling individuals to some events but does not organise nor is responsible for events, thank you.

There are also venues that regularly host AnthroHealth related events such as Emerson College, Field Centre of Ruskin Mill Trust , Rudolf Steiner House, St Luke’sTobias Arts and Weleda, etc. To find out wider events and resources in the UK, please visit  Anthroposophy in the Great Britain and Biodynamic UK Association.

To connect globally, please visit International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Association and IVAA's partners

If you run a training course which is not yet represented here, please contact us to provide information to add to the website.


Upcoming events

    • Sunday, February 09, 2020
    • Saturday, May 21, 2022
    • 9 sessions
    • Emerson College

    3-year part-time started 2020 February

    International Anthroposophic Physician Certification


    The Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Switzerland is working with the English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine, to offer a fundamental UK and internationally based training in anthroposophic medicine in English for  doctors and medical students World-wide.

    The Training offers participants experience based learning processes that lead to an extended understanding of the human being, both in health and illness, and in their relationship to nature. It provides a deeper understanding of common medical conditions. The treatments introduced include anthroposophic medicines and their pharmaceutical production. In addition, the Training also introduces participants, to art therapy, eurythmy therapy, body therapies and nursing procedures through direct experience. These non medical treatments can intensify therapeutic responses to illness. Biographical aspects and insights from psychotherapy and counselling are also considered in developing an understanding of disease processes. 

    Equally importantly the ethical and spiritual development of the physician, including fundamental spiritual exercises and meditative practices that can aid such development, are introduced.

    Ideal for physicians looking to:

    • Develop new ways of observing and researching, nature, medicinal plants, human anatomy and physiology
    • Experience meeting patients and develop new understanding that encompasses their body, soul and spirit
    • Explore Spiritual Practices and Meditative Work that can support the ethical and spiritual development of the Physician
    • Experience of Art Therapy, Eurythmy Therapy, Rhythmical Massage and other Body Therapies.


    Many patients as well as physicians are in search of an integrative approach to medicine that embraces the whole person, in their mental and spiritual being as well as in bodily aspects. To this end, anthroposophic medicine was founded in 1920 by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. med. Ita Wegman. Today this School of Medicine is alive in practices, therapeutic centres and anthroposophic hospitals throughout the world. It is taught in international training courses and is researched* in university departments with associated professorial chairs.


    The Training is designed as nine, one-week modules with additional written projects. There are mentored self-study and distant learning opportunities between the modules, with additional distance mentoring for participants’ own medical work. The written work includes several essays based on themes of the training. In addition, three written case histories are required, in order to gain International Certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.

    Most modules take place at Emerson College, RH18 5JX, near London’s International Gatwick Airport. In addition, three modules take place in specialist departments within anthroposophical hospitals in Germany and Switzerland and at the Goetheanum. These include the University Hospital of Witten / Herdecke, Havelhohe Hospital in Berlin and Clinic Arlesheim in Switzerland founded by Dr Ita Wegman. The two anthroposophic German hospitals have all the specialities associated with University and General Hospitals and many of the specialist clinicians will be involved in teaching these modules. In the final year one, module is planned at the Goetheanum, Switzerland, the World Centre for Anthroposophy and the Medical Section of the School for Spiritual Science.

    The final module is planned to take place at Trigonos, Snowdonia, North Wales. This is close to Penmeanmawr, a druid stone circle where Dr Ita Wegman had conversations with Rudolf Steiner, which were seminal to the development of Anthroposophic Medicine and the General Anthroposophical Society.


    9-15/02/2020 Emerson College (EC). The Four Elements, Four Kingdoms of Nature, Qualitative Anatomy, Four Organs, Patient Study, Fundament Aims of Anthroposophic Medicine & Research Spiritual Biography & Conditions for Spiritual Development.

    3-9/5/2020 EC. Anthroposophic Pharmacy, the Alchemical Threefold Principle, Threefoldness in Health and Disease, Patient Study, Living Morphology and Projective Geometry Six Soul Exercises, Meditative work from Course to Young Doctors.

    28/6-4/7/2020 University Hospital of Witten/ Herdeke with Prof. David Martin. Infectious diseases and treatment, Role of Fever. Patient Study, Paediatrics; Eurythmy Therapy; Goetheanism in Medicine External treatments. Anthroposophic Text Study.

    15-21/11/2020 EC. Child and Personality Development, Resilience or Vulnerability, Mental Health – Depression, Anxiety OCD - Eurythmy Therapy, Metals and Planets Biography Work

    7-13/3/2021 EC. Mental Health – Psychosis – Clay Modeling Therapy, Cancer & Mistletoe Treatment, Art Therapy Euythmy Therapy Medicinal Plant Study, Practical Prescribing, Text Study.

    20-26/6/2021 Havelhohe Hospital Berlin. Cancer II and Palliative care (Dr. Matthias Girke), Cardiology: Heart failure, Coronary heart disease, Hypertension (Dr.Matthias Girke) Pneumology: COPD, asthma, Gastroenterology External Treatments, Meeting Patients.

    17-23/10/2021 EC. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anthroposphic Peadiatrics Cardiology Hypertension and Sepsis.

    13-19/3/2022 Klinik Arlesheim & Goetheanum Switzerland with Dr Matthias Girke. Rheumatology, Endochrinology. Diabetology; Klinic Arlesheim, Weleda AG, Ita Wegman Institute, School  of Spiritual Scienc e & Medical Section.

    15-21/5/2022 Trigonos Centre, North Wales Medicine, Ita Wegman & Rudolf Steiner in the British Iles.

    QUALIFICATION Participants successfully completing this Training Programme, including associated mentored medical work, will meet the Medical Section’s International Criteria for Certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.

    CONTACT & ENQUIRIES For queries about the course itself, you are welcome to correspond with the Course Leader Dr Michael Evans or arrange a telephone or SKYPE call. Mobile and texts 0044 7768497560


    REGISTRATION & COSTS & PAYMENT Please see Emerson / Anthroposophic Medicine for further info and contact  Brochure >> (pdf) Application Form >> (.doc)

    For further details see the following websites

    • Wednesday, November 24, 2021
    • Sunday, February 18, 2024
    • 10 sessions
    • Emerson College
    • Saturday, February 12, 2022
    • Monday, July 04, 2022
    • 3 sessions
    • online

    Anthroposophic Medicine Webinar

    On Saturday 12th February 2022, 2 to 5pm, zoom webinar ‘Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine’ presented by Dr. Michael Evans.

    Michael Evans, a NHS GP now in private practice is a certified Anthroposophic Physician and leads the UK Training in Anthroposophic Medicine programme (further information can be found at:

    This event is kindly sponsored by Weleda UK. The talk will include an overview of Anthroposophic philosophy, Anthroposophic medical training, example case studies and a comparison with homeopathic perspectives.

    Further events are scheduled later in 2022, on Sat 30th April/ Sun 1st May, and Sun 3rd July/Mon 4th July, enquire further if interested in provisionally registering for these.

    ​There are three ticket rates, free tickets for Faculty of Homeopathy members, free tickets for members of Anthroposophic Medicine UK, and £20 for non-members. 

    The following sessions have been postponed until further notice. To register your interest, please use the contact us form (at the top right of each page), thank you.

    • Monday, February 14, 2022
    • Thursday, June 09, 2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Emerson College RH18 5JX

    Crossfields Institute Quality Mark Course

    Are you a nurse, midwife, carer, support worker, other health care professional, therapist or someone who wants to use gentle touch?

    Do you work with:

    Those with chronic or long-term conditions including cancer

    People who are frail or exhausted, feel stressed or burnt out

    People who are going through difficult life situations

    People who have experienced traumatic events

    Those with eating disorders

    Those in palliative care and at end of life

    People with Dementia

    People with special needs

    Women who are pregnant or new mothers

    Babies and children

    People with mental health conditions, anxiety, depression

    Do you have a friends or family member who needs support

    Then learning Rhythmical Einreibung could be useful for you!

    Rhythmical Einreibung is a gentle form of therapeutic touch or massage, it works by supporting the body’s own forces to help strengthen, regulate and heal.

    In this time post-pandemic we are all deprived of healthy touch and many people in their lives have experienced unhealthy or invasive touch, RE has a universal relevance for us all through its gentle, rhythmical qualities. Because of its gentle, calming nature it can be very beneficial for patients who are too frail or sensitive for other hands-on therapies.

    For entry to the Foundation Course, no previous experience is necessary; progression to more advanced levels is reserved for Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals.

    Visit the Emerson College Website for more information and booking.

    • UPDATES from the course provider: NEW COURSE DATES

    Module 1: 14-18 February 2022

    Module 2: 6-9 June 2022

    Module 3: Dates TBC

    • Wednesday, February 16, 2022
    • Sunday, October 23, 2022
    • 3 sessions
    • Emerson College RH18 5JX

    Anthroposophic psychotherapy is a relatively new discipline within the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science, having developed since the 1980s in contrast to anthroposophic medicine which has been developing since 1920.  As such its knowledge base is limited.  Anthroposophic psychotherapy research is thus by necessity primarily based on qualitative case-orientated research to develop theory and practice to broaden its knowledge base.  


    • To promote the development of anthroposophic psychotherapy as an integrative approach to psychotherapy based on anthroposophic-Goethean methodology,
    • To utilise research-led teaching to develop anthroposophic psychotherapy practice,
    • To help course participants to become advanced practitioners, achieve World Health Organization standards and, if required, achieve United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy registration standards.
    • To achieve these aims the course will have a practitioner research element which will adapt the research principle expressed by Rudolf Steiner (in lectures entitled The Book of Revelation) in regard to anthroposophic medicine; namely to understand  ‘each individual case thoroughly, regardless of the outcome’ by studying it ‘with all its idiosyncrasies’ before utilising statistical research (Steiner, 1924/1998, p.252).


    This is a post-qualifying course, so applicants must have:

    • An international Medical Section Certificate in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy or

    • An international Medical Section Certificate in Anthroposophic Medicine or

    • If an anthroposophic psychotherapy trainee, evidence that you will have completed three years of training in the current anthroposophic psychotherapy course in the UK by February 2022 or

    • If an anthroposophic doctor trainee, evidence that you will have completed the current anthroposophic doctor course in the UK by February 2022

    For more info, please see Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Advanced Course.

    • Monday, March 21, 2022
    • Friday, April 26, 2024
    • 5 sessions
    • Emerson College RH18 5JX

    From the Eurythmy Therapy Training in Great Britain

    '... prepares eurythmists to work in all fields of eurythmy therapy with an international diploma from the Medical Section of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. In cooperation with Alanus University in Alfter, Germany, it also provides students with an internationally recognised Master of Education: Eurythmy Therapy from Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo, Norway. This is an MA in research within educational and therapeutic fields.

    We aim to give students a foundation in professional skills and enable them to develop capacities of observation, reflection, imagination and therapeutic intuition. An emphasis is placed on experiential learning, linking theme-based lectures with practical sessions, and alternating blocks of taught modules with practice placements.

    As trainers we work in a collaborative spirit with each other and with the students, fostering a diversity of approach and encouraging personal development and mutual support.'

    Read more info of the Eurythmy Therapy Training.

    Dates for next therapy training

    • March 21-April 15, 2022
    • August 7-September 2, 2022
    • (An online week sometime in the autumn)
    • March 20-April 14, 2023
    • August 8-September 1, 2023
    • (An online week sometime in the autumn)
    • April 2-April 26, 2024

    To explore the opportunity of participating in the above programmes, please contact Eurythmy Therapy Training UK.

    • Wednesday, March 23, 2022
    • Thursday, June 30, 2022
    • 4 sessions
    • online

    Camphill Initiatives for Social Ecology, a new organisation, is hosting the online symposium to mark 50 years of the Camphill movement in Ireland (1972-2022). The symposium is a chance to reflect after 50 years of active community development and we hope to create an open exchange of ideas.

    The overarching theme for the symposium is Living a Connected Life. Through this theme, we will explore inclusion, self-advocacy, community building, care and support, inclusive research, meaningful work, active citizenship, belonging and friendship- all beyond the context of service provision. We have invited speakers connected to the international Camphill movement and thinkers, doers and activists from Ireland and overseas whose work and lived experience provide a broader picture and context for Camphill’s vision of social renewal as it diversifies in the 21st Century.

    We aim to capture the collective insights and use them as a platform for launching new initiatives to help build more connected and inclusive lives for people with intellectual disabilities in Ireland. The symposium begins with international speaker Ha Vinh Tho on the 23rd of March 2022 and continues throughout the year with monthly webinars. Please see the full information for the Spring/Summer Programme below. Each webinar will last two hours, with a key-note speaker followed by interactive break out-groups.

    All welcome. The sessions are free, registration is essential via Eventbrite.

    Ha Vinh Tho

    Educating Towards Sustainability: Connecting to Self, Others and Nature

    23 March 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

    Connected lives, what are the ingredients for connectedness and fulfilment? The international perspective.

    Dr Ha Vinh Tho is the former Programme Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre (GNHCB), Bhutan, and Co-Founder of Eurasia Foundation, Vietnam. He is an international speaker on Gross National Happiness (GNH), happiness and well-being, and moving beyond GDP. Ha Vinh is the founder and chairman of Eurasia Foundation, a humanitarian NGO developing educational programmes for children and young people with disabilities and ecological projects in Vietnam. He is a co-founder of the Peaceful Bamboo Family, the first Camphill Community in Vietnam: a community and vocational training centre for young people with disabilities that is also pioneering biodynamic agriculture. He was the head of training, learning and development at the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has trained humanitarian professionals working in war zones and emergency response in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

    Fionn and Jonathan Angus

    Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: Creating Paths Beyond Disability

    28 April 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

    Fionn Angus and his father, Jonathan, are Citizen Network Global Ambassadors, and Fionnm sits on the UK National Down Syndrome Policy Group. When it comes to envisioning a great life, Fionn and Jonathan are world-class Imagineers. When life gives them lemons, they teach themselves how to juggle, make lemon meringue pie and share some with their neighbours.

    Living in Galway, this son-and-father team operate one of Ireland’s first self-directed support packages through the HSE Personalised Budgets. Fionn, who has Down Syndrome, is the manager, and Jonathan is his employee. As Citizen Researchers working both alongside and independent of more traditional academics, they have the respect of seasoned researchers and policymakers, presenting their discoveries in dozens of college programmes and conferences in eight countries.

    Kathleen Lynch

    Care and Capitalism: Reclaiming the language of love, care and solidarity

    26 May 2022, 14:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

    Professor Kathleen Lynch has devoted her life’s work to promoting equality, human rights, and social justice through education and research. She played the lead role in establishing the Equality Studies Centre in UCD in 1990 and the School of Social Justice in 2004/5.

    Through her new book, Care and Capitalism, she provides a counter-narrative to the dominance of neoliberalism and capitalism in cultural, economic and political life. She reclaims the language and practice of love, care and solidarity, both intellectually and politically, as important sites for developing alternative thinking about social justice and social action built around affective care relations. She argues that the time to move humanity beyond a narrow capitalism-centric set of logics and values is now.

    Wendy McDonald

    Active citizenship and Inclusive Employment

    30 June 2022, 16:00 - 18:00 (GMT)

    Wendy Mc Donald leads Inclusion Alberta, Canada, a family-based, non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. Together, they share a dream of meaningful family life and community employment. Inclusion Alberta works with the business community, Rotary clubs and all levels of government to create meaningful employment opportunities, real work for real pay. A good job helps to give purpose to life and affirms a valued place in society.

    All welcome. The sessions are free, registration is essential via Eventbrite.

    Click here to register via Eventbrite

    Registration for the full Spring/Summer programme will open 2 April 2022.

    Living a Connected Life Symposium 2022 is delivered by Camphill Initiatives for Social Ecology in partnership with Workhouse Union. For more information or to sign-up to the symposium mailing list, please contact:


    • Tuesday, May 03, 2022
    • Thursday, October 20, 2022
    • 2 sessions
    • online

    As a society, as organizations and as individuals we find ourselves confronted with unprecedented challenges. The Goetheanum Leadership Courses are based on the assumption that these challenges require a new form of leadership, one that allows us individually and as members of a leadership team to step into new terrain and to find and implement a transformative vision. The courses – the ‘Intensive Week Course’ and the ‘Two Module Course’ – aim to provide an exploration of practices based on Anthroposophy.

    The courses are intended for leaders from all fields of working experiences from all over the world. Participants benefit best if they have at least 3 years of leadership experience. An anthroposophical background is not required. The courses will be held in English.

    The Leadership Courses are based on the understanding that developing and advancing leadership capacities requires a highly dialogical learning environment. They are designed to build upon the questions and challenges that participants are confronted with in their work. Course participants will come from different fields such as business, agriculture, health, education etc. This diversity will allow participants to engage with a wide-range of perspectives regarding current social reality.

    These courses enable leaders from different fields to step out of their organizational boundaries and develop a leadership practice in line with a vision and image of a future they want to see. It is based on a holistic understanding of the human being and his or her potential.

    This courses is designed for leaders in organizations seeking to deepen their skills and capabilities in leading with a vision of a broader social wellbeing. It will explore three levels of leadership:

    Micro level How do I cultivate self-leadership, develop my individual leadership vision and deepen my personal skills?

    Meso Level How do I lead teams and organizations so that everyone involved can operate from their potential?

    Macro Level How do I identify and realize the future potential of society at large and lead accordingly?

    The participants will engage actively on two levels:

    Change Projects Participants will use what they have learned from the Course to initiate a personal change project in their respective work environments.

    Peer Coaching Participants will work in peer coaching groups of 3-4 people.

    During the Two Module Course we will add individual coaching: each participant will be coached by one of the course leaders.


    • Friday, May 20, 2022
    • Sunday, May 22, 2022
    • Tenbury Wells WR15 8JG

    The purpose of the Embracing Dying Training Course is to create a renewed awareness around death and dying. Nowadays dying has become something that is mostly feared and not easily discussed, especially in the Western World; it is almost as though we have forgotten how to die well.

    How do we teach?

    Soul Advocacy

    We teach by providing talks, individual exercises, small group work, discussion groups and through the mediums of touch and sound.

    The course provides a two-year support and supervision process during which time every newly trained Soul Advocate will be able to link in with the course leaders each time they are working with a person.

    We envisage this support as a vital ingredient of the Embracing Dying training

    The Task of the Soul Advocate is to help the individual embrace their own dying process. Essential qualities needed to do this work are: empathic listening, inner flexibility, a non-judgmental attitude with an unconditional, steadfast and loving presence.

    Details of our training courses in Soul Advocacy will be regularly posted on the ‘Courses & Trainings’ page of this website as will our ‘One Day Workshops’. 


    • Thursday, June 02, 2022
    • 15:00 - 17:00
    • Online

    The MEP Interest Group on Integrative Medicine and Health is delighted to invite you to the event 'Integrative Medicine and Health in prevention and management of COVID-19 and long COVID' on Thursday 2 June. See full invitation.

    Join us in the European Parliament or online. Expert speakers will share their knowledge and insights about how:

    Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Health interventions can improve resilience to COVID-19 infection.

    Promoting resilience and health restoration can reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 or development of Long COVID.

    These interventions can improve the recovery from Long COVID.

    The MEP Interest Group on Integrative Medicine and Health will host the event 'the contribution of Integrative Medicine and Health to the management of post-COVID syndrome' on Thursday, June 2, 2022, 16.00-1800 CET.

    Take the opportunity to meet in person or online with leading academic experts and members of the European Parliament. Experts from the field of Integrative Medicine and Health will present promising results in patients with post-COVID syndrome.

    70% have not fully recovered after a year

    Of those hospitalised for COVID-19, over 70% have not fully recovered after a year. So far, no effective interventions exist. Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are urgently needed to improve the ongoing burden for individuals and healthcare systems. There are now several Integrative Medicine treatments that produce promising results, and we are delighted to present them to you.

    Registration open NOW 

    MEP Interest Group on Integrative Medicine and Health 

    The Interest Group promotes Integrative Medicine and Health in all European Parliament public health policies. Integrative Medicine and Health brings conventional biomedicine and complementary medicine together in a coordinated way, focuses on the whole person and considers the individual in their physical, psychological, spiritual, social and environmental context. It offers an inclusive approach that meets the demand of EU citizens for holistic, patient-centred healthcare. 
    The members of the MEP Interest Group on Integrative Medicine & Health are: 

    Michèle Rivasi, Greens/EFA, France
    Sirpa Pietikäinen, European People’s Party, Finland 
    Tilly Metz, Greens/EFA, Luxembourg
    Margrete Auken, Greens/EFA, Denmark 
    Romana Jerković, S&D, Croatia
    Manuela Ripa, Greens/EFA, Germany

    More information about the MEP Interest Group on Integrative Medicine and Health.

    • Friday, June 03, 2022
    • Sunday, June 05, 2022
    • Steiner Academy Hereford HR2 8DL

          Please find info including programme: 

          Medical Conference GB 2022.pdf

          Online Registration

          Terms & Conditions

    • Friday, June 03, 2022
    • 15:00
    • Sunday, June 05, 2022
    • 13:30
    • Steiner Academy Hereford HR2 8DL

    Please find details including programme in the flyer: Medical Conference GB 2022.pdf, also Terms and Conditions

    NOTE you do NOT need to have an account with PAYPAL to make this payment. When the option comes up, ignore 'log in to PAYPAL' and choose 'pay by direct or credit card'. It will ask for an email address in order to send you a copy of the payment made. If you are a current member of this website, by log-in first will save you re-entering data which already on the system.

    Registration Closing Date: May 20th

    • Monday, June 13, 2022
    • 19:30 - 21:00
    • online

    Taster session of Biographical Counselling Skills for Professionals starting September 2022

    All welcome!

    More info can be found on Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors website.


    • Friday, July 01, 2022
    • Sunday, July 03, 2022
    • Imagine Therapeutic Arts GL5 3EH

    Medicine is more than substance, it is the healing power potential in all things, be it an animal or a stone or the lightning that can split a tree.

    The Native American shield is deeply connected to this ‘medicine’ through visions, dreams, the intrinsic qualities of the individual and the rich world of nature.

    In this workshop we will explore this theme, walk the medicine wheel and make our own individual shields.

    No previous artistic experience is required. All materials will be supplied.

    The illustrated presentation on the theme, on Friday evening, is open to the public.

    £160 (£140 conc.) for the workshop, incl. the talk

    £10 for the talk only


    • Thursday, July 07, 2022
    • 10:00
    • Saturday, July 09, 2022
    • 16:00
    • Tobias School of Art and Therapy RH19 4LZ

    Led by: Maryanne Patterson

    Cost: £220

    We will be mixing and blending plant pigments inspired by the plants from our walled garden. You will choose your herbs, flowers and leaves for your unique paintings. Pick what flirts with you and spend time exploring the inner light quality of plant colours. Everyone is welcome with or without artistic experience

    Maryanne is an artist, lecturer practicing and teaching Therapeutic Arts and workshop leader in UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel and Russia.


    To book a place

    • Saturday, July 16, 2022
    • 10:00
    • Sunday, July 17, 2022
    • 16:00
    • Tobias School of Art and Therapy RH19 4LZ

    With Sarah Baganz

    Cost: £140.00

    Nurturing Arts and Inner Spaces will explore the theme of inner spaces. We will use a variety of art materials and explore how each one affects us. With a playful, non-judgemental approach, we will discover how form arises out of colour. How light appears in darkness, and finding a safe space in clay.

    Nurturing arts can support our general wellbeing, have a relaxing effect on us and enliven our creativity. All artistic abilities welcome.

    Sarah is a Qualified Therapeutic Arts Counsellor & Creative Arts Facilitator working with adults.


    To book a place

    • Saturday, July 23, 2022
    • 10:00
    • Sunday, July 24, 2022
    • 16:00
    • Tobias School of Art and Therapy RH19 4LZ

    Led by: Asta Jakobsdottir

    Cost: £140.00

    Join us for a weekend of exploration and experimentation with colour. We will paint, draw and explore nature to create our artwork. Suitable for beginners looking for discoveries and experienced artists seeking to reconnect and have fun!

    Asta Jakbosdottir is a graduate of Tobias School of Art and Therapy, arts counsellor, massage therapist, nurse-in-training and tutor.


    To book a place 

    • Monday, July 25, 2022
    • Wednesday, July 27, 2022
    • Tobias School of Art and Therapy RH19 4LZ

    “Behold the plant: It is the butterfly fettered by the earth, Behold the butterfly: it is the plant freed by the cosmos” R. Steiner

    Led by: Sarah Hedley Dray

    Cost: £210

    Join us on a transformational journey through the life of the Painted Lady Butterfly. Immersing ourselves in the creative process, we will begin our journey as eggs, becoming caterpillars, then cocoons before finally emerging as butterflies.

    In this 3-day workshop, we will use a range of natural materials and transformational processes to connect with the rhythms of nature. Together, we will paint images using watercolour, create felt with wool fibres and make paper from silk cocoons.

    Sarah has a background in Education, working with children and adults in the UK and overseas. Having trained in Transpersonal Arts in Therapy at Tobias, she uses art therapeutically in the community.


    To book a place

    • Friday, August 19, 2022
    • Monday, August 22, 2022
    • Rydal Hall LA22 9LX

    The retreat based at Rydal Hall is designed to leave you time to unwind and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings with its stunning lakes and mountains. 

    Two extended Eurythmy Sessions a day (one and a half hours each). All welcome, no experience necessary.

    More info can be found at Eurythmy Association News.

    • Wednesday, September 21, 2022
    • Sunday, June 25, 2023
    • 10 sessions
    • St Luke's Therapy Centre GL5 4EX

    A one year part-time course in Biographical Counselling Skills for Professionals starting September 2022

    A one-year, part time, interactive course offering participants an in-depth experience of working with their own biography to explore their life events from within the framework of cosmic lawfulness. By looking at archetypal life-phases and using a variety of artistic approaches, this course will support participants in developing a greater sense of meaning and understanding of their own unique place and purpose. Participants will be encouraged to creatively explore their questions, life themes and repeating patterns in a way that will enhance both their self-knowledge and professional practice.

    “The shared space will become the most sacred – the shared space will become our religion in the future” Orland Bishop

    More info can be found on Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors website.

    PDF Brochure Application Form Taster Sessions


    • Saturday, January 28, 2023
    • Saturday, February 03, 2024
    • 5 sessions
    • Emerson College RH18 5JX

    Designed mainly for registered medical practitioners (a few places open to other health care professionals)

    3-year part-time starting 23rd Jan 2023

    9 one-week modules

    Combining experiential face-to-face & distance learning

    Based in the UK, Open to Doctors Worldwide

    International Anthroposophic Physician Certification

    Many patients as well as physicians are in search of an integrative approach to medicine that embraces the whole person, in their mental and spiritual being as well as in bodily aspects. To this end, anthroposophic medicine was founded in 1920 by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. med. Ita Wegman.

    Today this School of Medicine is alive in practices, therapeutic centres and anthroposophic hospitals throughout the world. It is taught in international training courses and is researched* in university departments with associated professorial chairs.

    Course Overview

    It explores new ways of understanding a patient’s condition that go beyond current purely physically based medicine, emphasising the patient’s spiritual, psychological and bodily capacities for resilience.

    The training offers a deeper understanding of common medical conditions, offering participants experience-based learning processes that lead to an extended understanding of the human being, both in health and illness, and in their relationship to nature.

    The treatments introduced include anthroposophic medicines and their pharmaceutical production. The course also provides a foundation for prescribing natural medicines and a range of non-medicinal therapies that have been shown in general practice to radically reduce the prescribing of antibiotics and other groups of conventional medicines, while improving patient satisfaction.

    In addition, participants are also introduced to art therapy, eurythmy therapy, body therapies and nursing procedures through direct experience. These non medicial treatments can intensify therapeutic responses to illness. Biographical aspects and insights from psychotherapy and counselling are also considered in developing an understanding of disease processes.

    Equally important is the ethical and spiritual development of the physician. Fundamental spiritual exercises and meditative practices that can aid such development, are introduced throughout the training.

    Module Details & Topics Covered

    Module 1 Face To Face – Almost Essential JAN 2023

    @Emerson College | The Four Elements, Four Kingdoms of Nature, Fundamental Aims of Anthroposophic Medicine & Research. Patient History Taking and examination with the aid of the Four Elements Qualitative Anatomy – Four Organs – Living Morphology and Projective Geometry Spiritual Biography & Conditions for Spiritual Development.

    Module 2 Face To Face – Desirable but Optional APR 2023

    @Emerson College | Child and Personality Development, Keys to Resilience or Vulnerability; Biographical Studies with Marah Evans. Child Development & Feverish Infections -Paediatrician. Six Soul Exercises.

    Module 3 Face To Face – Highly Desirable JUL 2023

    @Emerson College | Tria Principia & 8 Metals & Plants. Medical Meditation from “Course to Young Doctors’. Biography Work. Medicinal Plant Study.

    Module 4 Face To Face – Desirable but Optional OCT 2023

    @Emerson College| Common Psychiatric Conditions Anxiety, Depression OCD Bipolar Schizophrenia. Clay Modelling Therapy, Anthroposophic remedies and their indications. Art Therapy, Eurythmy Therapy, Anthroposophic Text Study.

    Module 5 Face To Face – Desirable but Optional JAN 2024

    @Emerson College | Mistletoe Plant Study Fever. Cancer & Viscum treatment.

    Module 6 Face To Face – Desirable but Optional MAY 2024

    @Emerson College | Plant Study. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Anthroposophic perspectives with Carmen Eppel. Anthroposophic Peadiatrics with Dr Karen Michael. Eurythmy Therapy.

    Module 7 Face To Face – Highly Desirable OCT 2024

    @Havelhöhe Hospital – Berlin |  Cancer II and Palliative care (Dr. Matthias Girke), Viscum and Fever Cardiology: Heart failure, Coronary heart disease, Hypertension (Dr.Matthias Girke), From the general practitioner’s practice. Pneumology: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma Gastroenterology External Treatments. Meeting Patients.

    Module 8 Face To Face – Highly Desirable TBC

    @ Klinik Arlesheim and Goetheanum Dornach, Switzerland | The School for Spiritual Science and the Medical Section, – Michael and Raphael Schools. Visit to the Group Statue, Visit Ita Wegman Institute. Rheumatology, Diabetology with Matthias Girke. Meeting Patients at Arlesheim Clinic with Dr. Marion Debus (Face to Face Priority).

    Module 9 Face To Face – Highly Desirable TBC

    @ Trigonos, Snowdonia UK | Medicinal Plant Study. Endocrinology with Prof David Martin. Celtic Spirituality and Future Spirituality and Medicine. Visit Penmaenmawr Druid Circle.  Ita Wegman & Rudolf Steiner in the British Isles.

    International participants are encouraged to speak to the course leader in advance to identify how best to participate to ensure a rich learning experience.

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    Anthroposophic Medicine Training |  Great Britain English Training

    • Saturday, May 27, 2023
    • TBC

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