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While waiting for upcoming events, we have a collection of Anthroposophic Medicine, Therapy and Social Care introductions to share with you.

When viewing, please do take the location, its culture and legal frame, the time it was recorded, and the individual contributor's background into consideration.


A production of Die Kunst des Heilens on behalf of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in 2021.

Anthroposophic Medicine has successfully integrated conventional and complementary healing methods in research, clinic and practice for 100 years. It is applied in all medical disciplines, practiced worldwide and has been verified by independent studies. It is a demonstrably effective art of healing, which perceives and treats each person as a unique being of body, soul and spirit. Just as many people basically want medicine to do.

"The Art of Healing" shows renowned doctors and therapists practicing their healing art on patients and lets them speak in interviews. Prominent voices from science, culture and politics round off the picture with external perspectives. The seven episodes show the origins and history of Anthroposophic Medicine, its current application in clinical and outpatient practice, the manufacturing of anthroposophic medicines, an in-depth presentation of mistletoe therapy in oncology, a portrayal of nursing and body therapies, and a segment on training/research. The result is a comprehensive portrait of a modern and sustainable approach to medicine for the 21st century. 



These clips are commissioned by the Eurythmy Therapy Association UK & Ireland and published in 2015.

Eurythmy therapy uses the medium of the sounds of speech and the tones of music as they manifest in movement. Each sound of speech has a corresponding form in movement, which is created by the upright human being, principally by means of their arms. The consonants manifest as mobile sculptural forms, vowels as geometric forms. In the same way, elements from music eurythmy (gestures for the notes of music and the intervals between them) can be reshaped into musical eurythmy therapy exercises. To find out more visit Eurythmy Therapy Associations website.

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These clips are published in 2015-2016.

Kairos Rehabilitation concentrates on helping those who are suffering persistent pain and other hard to treat conditons, adults as well as children. Patients are encouraged and supported to play a more active role than usual in their recovery including steps in their personal development. Social, cultural and occupational opportunities add to the therapeutic effect. 

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These clips are from Bothmer┬« Movement.

An introduction to Fritz Von Bothmer who worked in the first Steiner Waldorf School. Martin explains how Bothmer Movement is a way of looking at human movement that takes into account that we are more than just physical bodies. Bothmer┬« Movement philosophy has informed many physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical professionals in the understanding of human movement, and the interplay between the physical and psychological bodies of a person. Adding this understanding to an existing specialisation can bring a richer and deeper recovery experience for both practitioner and patient. 

These clips are published in 2020 by the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies (ICAAT).

Here ICAAT shows in appropriate brevity how patients, doctors and therapists value art therapy for itself.

  • Therapeutic Speech is one of four disciplines of anthroposophic art therapy. 
  • Therapeutic modelling is one of four disciplines of anthroposophic art therapy.
  • Therapeutic painting is one of four disciplines of anthroposophic art therapy.
  • Music- and Singing Therapy is one of four disciplines of anthroposophic art therapy.


The first one is produced by Anthroposophic Medicine in Germany published in 2019: Anthroposophic Medicine is an integrative system that improves health outcomes. This includes physical, psychological and social health of the patient. It places a high value on the doctor-patient relationship. Anthroposophic Medicine combines conventional medicine with special therapies and medicine.

The second one published in 2020: 'This week, Dr. Carly is joined by Dr. Adam Blanning. Dr. Blanning practices integrative and anthroposophic family medicine, and is president of the Anthroposophic Health Association in North America (AHA). In this episode, Dr. Blanning informs on the integrative medical approach of anthroposophic medicine. The two discuss letting your body engage dynamically with the environment, ripple effects of COVID-19 and offer some “warming” conversation for the winter'.

The third one is a production of Warm Up to Fever published in 2018 in Germany: the pediatrician Prof. Dr. David Martin answers the most important questions on the subject of fever and places the aspects of anthroposophic medicine on fever in the context of current fever research. For many years fever was regarded as a danger that should be strictly suppressed. Today this attitude is changing. Studies now clearly show that fever is a highly effective response of the body to fight viruses and bacteria. 

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Published 2012-2020 by individual regional organisations.

Here are some examples of their daily life in the anthroposophic social care setting.

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